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SHOKi Launches Infused Spirit-Free Cocktails

Meet SHOKi, a premium beverage and lifestyle brand of spirit-free cocktail mixers and bar companions, powered by cannabis.

San Rafael, CA, September 17, 2020 –(– Today, SHOKi Beverages launches its first line-up of all-natural, cannabis-infused cocktails that provide balance, bold flavors, and a conscious alternative to alcohol. Available in four flavors – Pineapple+Ginger, Mint+Ginger+Garden Flowers/Herbs, Ruby Spice (Hibiscus + Ginger + Spices (Fall 2020) and Passion Fruit+Ginger (Fall 2020) – each bottle is precisely dosed with a nanoemulsion of 30mg of THC in a unique combination of fresh juices, botanicals and created with all-natural preservation methods. Thus, SHOKi brings a truly fast-acting consistent experience within 15 minutes and lasts a couple of hours.

SHOKi Beverages is a Black and woman-owned beverage and lifestyle brand that makes spirit-free cocktails. Co-founders Tiffany Yarde, Ryan Lim & George Yehouessi are Barbadian-American, Haitian-American and Ghanaian.

SHOKi chose Vertosa, an innovative hemp and cannabis technology company that customizes emulsion systems for infused products, as the supplier of its plant extracts.

The current US infused-beverage market is forecast to be $2.8 B by 2025 (MarketWatch 4/2020).

SHOKi is offering the answer to what consumers want: Low-dose beverages that stimulate the senses, a …

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