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3 Top Growth Stocks You Can Buy and Hold for the Next Decade

You need three things to buy and hold a stock for a decade: conviction, trust, and patience. You must be strongly convinced that the underlying company has solid growth catalysts for several years to come, trust that management will capitalize on those opportunities and unlock greater shareholder value, and be patient enough to hold onto the stock through volatility to reap rich returns years down the line.

If you think you can do it, here are three top growth stocks riding on three separate megatrends that could make you crazy rich only if you buy and hold them for a decade — preferably even beyond.

Renewable energy is changing the dynamics of the global energy sector. Among all the energy sources in the U.S., renewable energy grew the fastest, at a nearly 100% clip between 2000 and 2018, according to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. Further, renewables are projected to make up 45% of global electricity generation by 2040, up from only about 26% in 2018.

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