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4 Stocks Robinhood Investors Should Buy and Hold for 5 Years

This has been a crazy year for the investment community. Although volatility is always present in the stock market, we’ve witnessed the steepest bear market decline in history during the first quarter, as well as the most ferocious rebound to new highs from a bear market low. You could rightly say that 2020 has tested investors’ resolve like never before.

But it’s been especially trying for millennial or novice investors who might not have navigated their way through a bear market before.

Online investing app Robinhood has gained millions of new members this year, with 31 being the average age of its users. Although the platforms’ leaderboard (i.e., the list of its most held stocks) features a handful of well-known and time-tested companies, millennial and novice investors have also been drawn to their fair share of awful companies.

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