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SignOnSite is licensed by Trillium to provide a unique contactless worksite safety platform to help manage risk for complex construction projects

HOUSTON, Oct. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SignOnSite, the construction safety management system, today announced an agreement with Trillium CNG. Trillium is the Texas subsidiary of the Love’s Family of Companies that builds and manages compressed natural gas (CNG), electric vehicle (EV), and alternative energy fueling stations across the United States. Trillium will be using the SignOnSite personnel safety application to manage and protect workers at new CNG station building projects.

SignOnSite provides construction companies and their workers with a robust, but simple risk and safety management system that leverages the technology already on construction sites.

SignOnSite takes a highly unique approach to risk and safety management. Current systems require a top-down management model, where companies not only have to implement risk and safety management policies and procedures, but also have the burden of ensuring that the workers on site actively participate in them.

With SignOnSite, however, this model is flipped. The people on site are empowered with simple, straightforward technology that lets them easily engage with and participate in risk management processes. The construction company is then enabled with digital control of their sites and remote risk management capabilities.

For construction companies running complex projects, the increased efficiencies of a digital platform present a drastic increase in site management and safety risk management capabilities. Controls such as qualification and orientation management are complemented by productivity tools such as remote site visibility. Additionally, superintendents and project managers can manage site attendance, safety communication and even emergency evacuations.

Being a mobile app-based solution, SignOnSite …

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