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Shaw Sports Turf’s Research and Development Team Teach Students About Physical Science

DALTON, Ga., Nov. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — What better way for students to learn essential scientific concepts like inertia and force than through real-world scenarios? Branching out of their textbooks a few weeks ago, eighth-grade students at Dalton Middle School did just that. Students were taught these concepts and many others through actual demonstrations and experiments conducted and led by Shaw Sports Turf’s very own research and development team. These demonstrations were all in the context of sports, synthetic turf, and how athletes play on and interact with the surface; and how the Shaw Sports Turf team is able to create a safe and durable playing surface using these scientific concepts.

Led by Jeremy Dutton, technical manager for turf innovation, and Cab Bramlett, senior project manager for the turf division, the class demonstrations illustrated somewhat abstract concepts that can be challenging for students to understand; presenting them in a more tangible way. For example, Newton’s laws of motion.

Connecting these abstract concepts to interesting, real-world objects like football fields can help students to better understand these scientific rules, and the students who attended the presentation agreed.

According to a press release from the Daily Citizen-News based in Dalton, Georgia, one student (who also happens to be a football player), commented that the presentation was a great way to get more understanding of how gravity and force work.

Shaw Sports Turf leads …

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