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Global Cognitive Radio Market Report 2020: An Emerging Intelligent Radio Technology in the Wireless Communication –

The “Cognitive Radio: An Emerging Intelligent Radio Technology in the Wireless Communication” report has been added to’s offering.

As communication technology has progressed over the generations, the demand for wireless communications network has also evolved. However, users still face various issues in wireless communication such as network congestion, connectivity issues, security issues, and access point issues.

When dealing with wireless communication, network spectrum utilization is always a crucial factor. 5G has brought the network spectrum to the forefront as 5G promises to use the spectrum more efficiently and utilize a much broader range of the spectrum. Also when considering the wireless communication networks, the following different types of spectrum options need to be considered: licensed spectrum, unlicensed spectrum, and new shared spectrum options.

In the wireless communication networks space, some of the critical communication applications such as public safety and the military require ultra-fast and reliable communication. The network disruption by minutes, seconds, or even milliseconds, can have huge consequences for business operations.

The need for fast and reliable communication is therefore paramount for critical communication applications. To overcome the network issues and match up to the critical communication requirements, communication network …

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