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Experts Debate: What Stock (Besides Amazon) Is Most Representative of the U.S. Stock Market?

Few companies have become as dominant or as diverse as (NASDAQ: AMZN) in such a short period. In barely more than two decades, Amazon has become the dominant online retailer in just about every product category, while also establishing itself as one of the biggest cloud services and video and music streaming providers.

In many ways, Amazon is an excellent reflection of the U.S. stock market; a massive consumer-driven business with a healthy dose of high-growth tech mixed in. But it’s not the only stock that can fit this bill. On the Oct. 26 edition of “The Wrap” on Motley Fool Live, host Jason Hall asked Motley Fool contributor Brian Feroldi and analyst Emily Flippen to name a stock not Amazon that’s also highly representative of the U.S. economy.

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