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HCA/HealthONE’s Swedish Medical Center Physician Offers Thanksgiving Safety Reminders

Stay safe while preparing Thanksgiving meals this year.

Englewood, CO, November 22, 2020 –(– Keep your Thanksgiving safe by adding a dash of caution to your favorite recipes.

Dr. Benson Pulikkottil, medical director of Burn and Reconstructive Centers of America at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, CO, wants to remind all the turkey chefs and casserole connoisseurs out there that kitchens can be a dangerous place, especially for young ones.

“With family and friends coming over for the holidays, there are sure to be kids running around. Avoid accidental bumps or wandering hands and keep the kids safe by establishing a three-foot kid-free zone in the kitchen and around fryers. Create a visual reminder that they cannot enter that three-foot space by placing painters’ tape on the floor,” said Dr. Pulikkottil.

When it comes to burn injuries, the kitchen is the most hazardous place in the home or at work, and Thanksgiving festivities only add to the risk of tragedy. The National Fire Protection Association warns that Thanksgiving is the peak day for cooking related fires with frying as the main incendiary agent. No matter where the cooking is taking place, indoors or outdoors, always cook with caution as statistics show that adults are likely to be afflicted by burns from fire, cooking oil, or hot objects, while children are more prone to suffer scalds.

For those tasked with preparing a hot meal this holiday, take the following preventative actions to ensure everyone remains safe:

• Stay alert and avoid cooking while under the influence of medications or alcohol.
• Use timers to track cooking times and never leave cooking food unattended.
• Keep items like potholders and food containers away from stove eyes and other hot surfaces.
• Cook on back burners and make sure all pot handles are turned toward the inside of the stove.
• If …

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