Austin Loses Patience With Camping in the Streets

By John Daniel Davidson8 days ago

Austin, Texas

Voters in this deeply liberal city overwhelmingly approved a proposal last week to reinstate a ban on camping in public places, dealing a harsh rebuke to Mayor Steve Adler and his fellow Democrats. It turns out theres a limit to what even the most progressive electorate will tolerate.


The vote came amid a homelessness crisis in the city caused almost entirely by Mr. Adler and the Austin City Councils 2019 decision to rescind a 23-year-old ordinance that prohibited camping in public places such as sidewalks, city parks and highway medians, as well as ordinances against panhandling and sitting or lying down in public. The predictable result was the emergence of San Francisco-style homeless encampments all over the city, especially downtown, which was soon inundated with aggressive panhandling, public intoxication and debris-strewn tent cities.

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