BairesDev Wins Stevie Awards in 2021 Edition for Customer Service Department of the Year and Achievement in Customer Satisfaction

By Baires Dev7 days ago

SAN FRANCISCO, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- BairesDev, a leading technology solutions company, was recently named the winner of Silver and Bronze Stevie Awards in the categories of Customer Service Department of the Year and Achievement in Customer Satisfaction in the 19th Annual American Business Awards.

BairesDev's work during 2020 set new company milestones and benchmarks. Q4 2020 was the first quarter in the company's history in which BairesDev achieved a Customer Satisfaction Score of over nine out of ten a score that surpasses the average industry score in B2B software, IT services, and software development companies. At the same time, BairesDev also increased its Net Promoter Score (NPS) a measure of customer experience and predictor for business growth by 24.4 percentage points, setting BairesDev's NPS at 68.1 percent, a score considered Excellent by the 2020 NPS Benchmark for Mid-Market B2B IT companies. Such NPS places the company over the 90th percentile of businesses.


At BairesDev, we're committed to providing high-quality customer service and customized solutions to help our clients scale their businesses, especially now in this new digital landscape, said Nacho De Marco, co-founder, and CEOof BairesDev. We're honored to receive these two recognitions as they acknowledge our commitment to prioritize and meet the needs of our clients in the shifting market landscape.

During the pandemic, the company made key changes to services, including increasing the feature set of its Solution Architects service, where senior tech experts define the best approach to fulfill project scopes and roadmap solutions, and revamping its Delivery Teams to adjust how the company provides custom-made tech solutions for any project.

These changes are significant as they demonstrate BairesDev's ability to shift its business strategy and pivot to meet client demands during an unprecedented time. Now, BairesDev offers a brand new two-week design sprint that includes a detailed communication plan, defined architecture and technical approach, and the product's roadmap and backlog.

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