Berkshire Hathaways stock price is too high, NASDAQ temporarily suspended prices

By Eamonn Sheridan10 days ago

Warren Buffett is doing something right ... the Wall Street Journal report how his firm's stock price is too high

  • Berkshire Hathaway is trading at more than $421,000 per Class A share,
  • On Tuesday, Nasdaq Inc. temporarily suspended broadcasting prices for Class A shares of Berkshire over several popular data feeds.
  • Nasdaq's computers can only count so high because of the compact digital format they use for communicating prices. The biggest number they can handle is $429,496.7295. Nasdaq is rushing to finish an upgrade later this month that would fix the problem.

Link here for more, its the Journal so it may be gated.

How long before BTC catches up though? Or Ethereum ... or DOGE :-D


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