Best Tech Stocks To Watch This Week? 4 Names To Know

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Are These The Best Tech Stocks To Buy On Monday?

Given how technologically driven our lives are today, it is inevitable that tech companies would be in focus when looking for investing opportunities. Despite the recent dip in tech stocks, one should not write them off as they could still have a lot of growth potential. A recent all-time high of the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite in February could be a clear indicator that tech is still with a bullish sentiment. Every industry is constantly trying to add technology in their respective sector after all to improve the efficacy of their products and services. For instance, renowned tech companies like Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) have utilized machine learning in 2020 with great success.

Amazon in particular has taken advantage of machine learnings potential for demand forecasting, enabling their system and supply more efficiently to meet shifts in demand. Even non-tech companies like Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) have been constantly trying to add tech to their service. Starbucks has been using reinforcement learning technology a type of machine learning in which a system learns to make decisions in complex, unpredictable environments based upon external feedback. This provides a more personalized experience for the customers who use the Starbucks mobile app. We can clearly see how technology is influencing our daily lives, so why would one assume that this is going to change in the near future? If you are a firm believer in technology, why not have a look at some of these top tech stocks today?

Top Tech Stocks To Watch In April 2021

  • MicroVision Inc. (NASDAQ: MVIS)
  • UP Fintech Holding Limited (NASDAQ: TIGR)
  • Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN)
  • PubMatic Inc. (NASDAQ: PUBM)

MicroVision Inc.

MicroVision is a pioneering company in laser beam scanning technology that integrates lasers, optics, hardware, and machine learning software into its proprietary technology to address existing and emerging markets. The Companys integrated approach uses its proprietary technology to provide solutions for automotive lidar sensors, augmented reality micro-display engines, interactive display modules, and consumer lidar modules. MVIS stock has been up by over 15% since the start of the week and closed at $15.54 on Thursday.

Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

A recent contract of up to $22B between Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and the U.S. army for the Hololens 2 may have been behind this latest rally for MicroVision. Investors seem to be responding to the news of MicroVision being potentially involved with the deal. The company has taken AI-connected devices to another level, after all, providing seamless interactions through display, touch, gesture, and sense. All things considered; will you have MVIS stock on your watchlist?

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