Beware of latest scam: MetaMask warns of new phishing bot

By Steve Kaaru2 days ago

Theres a new phishing bot thats targeting unsuspecting MetaMask users. The digital currency wallet warned its users against the bot on Twitter. It reportedly poses as an instant support portal before attempting to mislead the users into giving up their seed phrases.

MetaMask has soared in popularity in recent years amid the rising adoption of digital currencies. The wallet recently revealed that it had crossed the five million users mark. It attributed the milestone to its rapid growth in the global south including India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Nigeria. This milestone came just six months after it hit one million users.


The rise of MetaMask has made it a target for scammers and the latest is targeting social media users. MetaMask took to Twitter to alert its users of the phishing bot

PHISHING ALERT!: a new type of phishing bot is becoming active.

Comes from an account that looks normal (but few followers)

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