BOC, BIR to start tests for compliance of oil firms with fuel marking

By tbergonia5 days ago


MANILA, PhilippinesTo ensure full compliance with fuel marking, officials of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) will start field testing on April 26.

In a statement on Thursday (April 8), the BOC said random field and confirmatory testing will cover diesel, gasoline and keroseneoil products which since September 2019 were being injected with a chemical marker signifying payment of correct import duties and excise.

The BOC and the BIR will check for products that do not contain the required fuel marker level.

The field-testing process will be done using mobile laboratory units equipped with analyzers capable of detecting the official fuel marker’s presence in any fuel sample, the BOC said. The test result will be generated on-site and will indicate a pass or fail result, it added.

Products with failed results will be subjected to confirmatory testing in the fuel-testing facility. For purposes of transparency, the owner of the fuel or his representative will be allowed to witness the field and confirmatory testing, the BOC added.

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