Boost Your Portfolio with this ROE Stock Screener

By Zacks8 days ago

The Nasdaq fell nearly 2% on Tuesday, as Wall Street sold technology stocks, despite strong first quarter financial results from most of the sector and nearly all of the true tech giants. Tuesdays pullback pushed the tech-heavy index roughly 4% off its record highs.

Along with profit-taking, some of the selling was sparked by Janet Yellens comments at The Wall Street Journals CEO Council Summit. Yellen spoke about the possibility that the Fed might have to raise interest rates if the Biden administrations spending plans go forward. The Treasury Secretary later clarified that she doesnt think theres going to be inflationary problems.


Despite the broader bullish outlook, driven by rising earnings, consumer spending, the economic reopening, and much more, investors might want to consider bolstering their portfolios with highly-ranked stocks that have proven they can turn assets into profits


Return on Equity or ROE helps investors understand if a firms executives are creating assets with investors cash or burning it. ROE shows a companys ability to turn assets into profits. Put another way, this vital metric measures the profits made for each dollar of shareholder equity.

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