Byjus to launch Byjus Future School in push for overseas expansion

By Indiatimes6 days ago


Bengaluru/Mumbai: Byju’s will launch its new product Byjus Future School in the US, UK, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico next month, in what would be its biggest push for international expansion.

Indias most-valued edtech startup, which acquired tutor Aakash Educational Services Ltd. for about $950 million earlier this week, said that its coding-for-kids subsidiary WhiteHat Jr has played an important role in building this new platform, which will offer one-on-one teacher and student sessions.

The new international business, which will start off offering maths and coding tutorials and subsequently be expanded to include science, music, english and fine arts classes, will be headed by Karan Bajaj, founder and chief executive officer of WhiteHat Jr, Byjus said.

We are combining our product expertise of platform plus content and have been able to do so in a very short span of time. We have finished our pilots and are ready to scale this, said Byju Raveendran, founder and CEO of Byjus.

According to Raveendran, Byjus 11,000 women teachers from India will cater to students in english-speaking markets and it will look to hire teachers in Mexico, Brazil and Indonesia to cater to non-english-speaking students. The cost arbitrage of building a service out of India would exist and allow the company to run its international business at 60-65% gross margin, with a goal of growing international revenues (from Future School and Osmo) to around $500 million within the first year itself, he said.

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