CBDC-related positions open up as Bank of England digital pound plans move forward

By Steve Kaaru7 days ago

Englands central bank is marching on with its research into a central bank digital currency. While it has yet to announce that it will launch a CBDC, the bank has advertised new positions related to its CBDC research. They include a stakeholder analyst, project analyst, solution architect and a senior manager for CBDC technology.

Under the leadership of the former governor Mark Carney, Bank of England (BoE) took a wait-and-see stance on CBDCs. Carney claimed before leaving office that a CBDC could present significant challenges for the U.K. economy if introduced.


However, in recent times, the BoE has adopted a more progressive approach to CBDCs. In the latest move, the bank has advertised six job positions related to CBDCs. It describes the positions as geared towards helping the team develop its priorities and exploratory work plan for CBDC.

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