China's 'laissez-faire' approach toward Myanmar's coup puts its own interests at risk, says analyst

By Yen Nee Lee9 days ago


Key Points

  • China may hurt its own long-term interests in Myanmar by taking a “laissez-faire“ approach toward the coup, said Gareth Price, a senior research fellow at think tank Chatham House.
  • Anti-coup demonstrators, outraged over Beijing's apparent lack of concern for those killed, attacked Chinese-run factories in Myanmar last month, the Associated Press reported.
  • China is a major investor in Myanmar and the coup is becoming “a major test“ for the countries' complex relationship, said Kaho Yu, senior Asia analyst at risk consultancy Verisk Maplecroft.

Anti-coup protesters hold placards as they protest against the military coup Saturday, February 20, 2021, in Yangon, Myanmar.

Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

China's “laissez-faire“ approach toward Myanmar's military coup could hurt the Asian giant's strategic and economic interests in the Southeast Asian country, said a political risk analyst.

In contrast to strong condemnation and sanctions by Western powers including the U.S. and the European Union China's response to the Feb. 1 coup and the violence that followed has been more muted. Beijing has been cautious and is emphasizing the importance of stability.

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