With Consumer Debt Set to Spike, Debt Settlement Industry Launches Consumer Debt Relief Initiative (CDRI)

By Benzinga4 days ago


WASHINGTON, Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the debt settlement industry announced the launch of the Consumer Debt Relief Initiative (CDRI), a coalition of debt relief industry experts advocating for the important option of debt settlement remaining available to consumers burdened by heavy amounts of high-interest, unsecured debt. A powerful voice for the debt settlement industry, CDRI will proactively respond to legislative threats that would weaken or prevent consumers from accessing this vital debt relief option, oftentimes forcing them into default or bankruptcy.

In states like California, New York, and North Carolina, legislators have already targeted debt settlement, prompting CDRI's launch with a particular focus on bringing together a group of industry leaders dedicated to helping consumers, modernizing the industry's advocacy ...

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