Could Belarus Be the Best Place to Start a Forex Brokerage? B2Prime & ARFIN

By Rachel Mc Intosh10 days ago

The process of starting and operating a forex brokerage can be long and complicated. Operating in any international setting can be an exercise in bureaucracy and patience; in the forex industry, the amount of time and money that it takes to start a business can severely deter companies from starting or expanding their operations.

This is why B2Broker is proud to introduce its latest webinar, Belarus: The Fastest Way to Start a Regulated Forex Brokerage, in partnership with Finance Magnates.


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The webinar was designed to help brokerages bypass the hurdles and set up businesses quickly and easily. The talk was jointly hosted by Alexey Sidorov, Chairman of the Board of the Association for the Development of Financial Markets (ARFIN), and Dmitry Kazak, Head of Compliance at B2Prime.

Together, Dmitry and Alexey equipped audience members with the knowledge to start a brokerage cost-effectively in a safe and secure environment, while simultaneously enabling brokers to approach clients almost anywhere in the world with complete regulatory coverage.

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