Customer Experience Innovator Jason Ten-Pow Announces the Much-Anticipated Release of his New Book: 'Unbreakable': A Proven Process for Building Unbreakable Relationships with Customers

By ONR8 days ago


Transforming Company Priorities, Decision-Making and Culture in A Post-COVID-19 World

TORONTO, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --ONR, a leader in the transformation of Fortune 500 companies' Customer Experience (CX), today announced the launch of CEO and Founder Jason Ten-Pow's first and much-anticipated book Unbreakable: A Proven Process for Building Unbreakable Relationships with Customers. Ten-Pow shares insights from years of experience leading CEOs, C-Suite executives and well-known companies on the journey of CX Transformation, providing a playbook on how some brands appear to magically attract a large group of faithful customers, while other businesses--no matter how hard they try--struggle to maintain a loyal customer base. The book is now available at Amazon.

In this new book, Ten-Pow pulls back the curtain on brands that seem to effortlessly build and maintain strong relationships with customers, laying out a path for any company to do the same. Ten-Pow provides a proven process for creating unbreakable relationships with customers. He argues that too many businesses have become enamored with the technology-solves-everything mantra of the past 20+ years, disproportionately relying on I.T. for solutions and putting too great a focus on operational efficiency and cost-cutting to create profit growth. Meanwhile, many of the most successful giants in the business worldincluding Apple, Starbucks, Costco, and Adobehave stayed focused on what is important to their customers: the things that keep them committed, loyal, and even passionate advocates for their brands.

“In today's environment, every company says, 'We know our customers; we love our customers and they love our brand,'“ Ten-Pow said. “But they equate having a lot of data about customers to knowing customers. In truth, most companies don't actually understand their customers, much less nurture long-lasting relationships with them. Especially now, post-pandemic, the customer's relationship with brands and their journey has changed. Differentiation, preference and loyalty they're all up for grabs and the brands that adapt and lead by prioritizing customer relationships and transforming the customer experience will have customers faithfully following. In my book, I share with readers the 'secret sauce' to building and prioritizing the unbreakable customer relationships that help brands increase revenue and profit.“

Unbreakableis Ten-Pow's illuminating explanation of how any business can differentiate itself, grow, and create a more sustainable and profitable brand through ONR's tried-and-true process of CX Transformation. Ten-Pow has written a comprehensive and eye-opening playbook with steps on how to build a loyal customer base, with additional examples and observations with conversations from top executives from Intel, Adobe, and JPMorgan Chase. Engagingly written and full of real-world examples, the book examines how we got here, how bottom-line business models are negatively impacting companies, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted customer experience as we know it.

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