DeFis TVL Added $35B in Q1 2021. Whats Next for Decentralized Finance?

By Rachel McIntosh8 days ago


The first quarter of 2021 was an eventful period for the DeFI world. From January 1st to the end of March, the Total Value Locked (TVL)the amount of capital that is being stored in DeFi protocolsrose from roughly $16 billion to more than $49 billion.

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Simultaneously, a number of DeFi assets have continued to perform incredibly well. According to Data from Messari, at least 74 DeFi assets have increased their value by more than 100% since the beginning of the year. Seven of these assets increased their value by more than 1000%.

The high performance of the DeFi space as a whole seems to have created a sort of snowball effect: the more money that comes into DeFi, the more new investors and users it seems to attract. And so, the cycle continuesor at least, thats what has been happening.

As we enter into Q2 2021, whats next for DeFi?

“Some want to ensure they dont miss out on an opportunity to make money, while others believe in the DeFi mission and see it as the future of finance.

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