Dispatches from a Pandemic: Life turns on a dime: She donated $950 from her first stimulus check to a food bank then received a cancer diagnosis

By Leslie Albrecht4 days ago

Almost exactly a year ago, Toi Cudworth looked around and realized she was one of the lucky ones.

The San Antonio, Texas resident had a job and a freezer full of food. But just a few miles from her home, thousands of cars lined up before dawn in a flea market parking lot to receive handouts of free groceries.


So when the first stimulus check hit her bank account, Cudworth sent $950 more than one months rent on her apartment of her $1,200 payment to the San Antonio Food Bank. She included a note: This is my stimulus check and while I could make use of it, there are those that need it more!

But life can change fast. As the sudden economic upheaval of 2020 demonstrated, the line between the people with enough cash to help others and the people who need help can be razor thin. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to nudge someone across that line, which is what happened to Cudworth when a doctor phoned last fall and delivered the news that she had breast cancer.

“ The line between the people with cash to help others and those in need can be razor thin. Toi Cudworth crossed that line. ”

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