Encrypted Communications App Letstalk Rolls Out New Secret Chat Feature

By Letstalk10 days ago

TAIPEI, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As smartphones become even more ubiquitous, users increasingly rely on communications software. In this context, the security of mobile phone software is becoming even more of a concern, in addition to basic communications and networking functionalities. Letstalk, an encrypted communications platform with a high level of security developed by a Taiwanese team led by founder Koh Chan Guan, adopts an end-to-end encryption technology which keeps no conversation records on the Letstalk app or on any third-party servers, with the aim of ensuring a completely private communications environment.

Encrypted Communications App Letstalk Rolls Out New Secret Chat Feature


The aim of developing Letstalk was to provide a communications channel that anyone and everyone can use with confidence while fully protecting privacy and personal data, said founder Koh Chan Guan. In addition to the basic chat function provided by other communications software on the market, Letstalk features Burn after Read, Enlarging and Minimizing Text, Unsend Messages Within A Matter of Seconds and Traceless Message Retrieve, Schedule Message, as well as message reminder via the alarm clock, offering users a new and unique experience. More secure, convenient services allow users to communicate without being limited by time and distance. Since launch, Letstalk has brought on board not only a number of new single users, but also many enterprise-level users groups that have selected the app as their designated software to discuss and communicate about work, demonstrating the degree to which privacy and security have become chief concerns in today's world.

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