Govt starts swine repopulation program

By besguerra12 days ago


As the number of African swine fever (ASF) cases in the country begins to decline, the Department of Agriculture (DA) announced that it would start its swine repopulation program in strategic areas to fast-track the livestock industrys recovery. The DA said it allocated P600 million for the program, P400 million of which would be used to distribute sentinel piglets to beneficiaries and would include the provision of feeds, veterinary drugs and antiviral agents to assist raisers during the six-month fattening period. The remaining P200 million would be used to ensure that there would be a continuous source of piglets for the subsequent expansion of the repopulation program.

The DA said the repopulation would be guided by the agencys swine fever zoning map wherein areas have been categorized by the degree of ASF incidents.

Areas that may be included in the program are the so-called pink, yellow, light green and dark green zones.

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