Green Spoon Sales & Shelvspace Unveil New-To-Market Retail Software

By Green Spoon Sales8 days ago


BOULDER, Colo., April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Spoon Sales, a natural food and beverage brokerage specializing in emerging consumer packaged goods, today announceda partnership with Shelvspace, the market leader of predictive retail execution technology. The two brands collaborated to release Green Spoon Basin powered by Shelvspace, a unique, new-to-market data process software built to support national retailers and brands in every stage of the brokerage process.

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Green Spoon Sales + Shelvspace Green Spoon Sales + Shelvspace

Green Spoon Basin powered by Shelvspace will enable real-time communication between brands, retailers and brokers using high-speed cloud technology. Breaking down barriers in communication traditionally resulting from siloed data, this software will allow multiple types of information to flow seamlessly through one platform, harmonizing the day-to-day operations of retailers. Shelvspace technology enhances the omnichannel experience for Green Spoon's nationwide team brand partners and retailers to create a revolutionary concept changing the industry standard of communication.

This dynamic software shatters traditional expectations in the brokerage industry by providing technology that allows for better visibility, growth and faster speed to market. Born with the common motivation to provide a more transparent partnership with their customers, Green Spoon Sales and Shelvspace worked together to create the breakthrough solution.

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