Here’s The Most Underrated New NFT Gem, According to Crypto Trader Ben Armstrong

By Daily Hodl Staff9 days ago


Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong is naming what he says is the most underrated non-fungible token (NFT) asset in the space.

In a new video, Armstrong shines a spotlight on Ecomi (OMI), a project that he believes will grow immensely as demand surges for NFTs the unique assets that use crypto technology to essentially provide certificates of ownership in digital and real-world items such as art, virtual land, tickets or even tweets.

OMI is the native token for NFT collectibles platform VeVe, which has locked in impressive partnerships with some big-name brands, including Warner Bros., Capcom, and DC. Armstrong notes that Ecomi’s global head of licensing Alfred R. Kahn is a titan of the licensing Industry, able to gain the rights to coveted digital merchandise.

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