5 Industrial Giants who vouch for Bitcoin

By Indiatimes4 days ago


The ongoing cryptocurrency market boom has caused an influx of new retail investors entering the crypto ecosystem. With over 3 million users on CoinSwitch Kuber alone, the country has been observing participation from lakhs of Indians since the uptrend started. However, one of the drivers of this growth loop remains industrial giants.

They are swiftly leaning towards cryptocurrencies, primarily Bitcoin, as they notice the upside that lies there. Industrial giants from multiple sectors have been extensively investing in Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and are exploring the blockchain infrastructure.

Heres a list of companies that have time and again upheld Bitcoin:


The business intelligence solutions firm has been heavily investing in Bitcoin since Aug 2020. They invested around $475 million in Bitcoin, followed by a feisty move of issuing a convertible senior note of $650 million to raise funds and add more Bitcoin to their reserve in Dec 2020.

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