1 Insurance Stock That Could Be a Huge Winner

By newsfeedback@fool.com (Matthew Frankel6 days ago


Most people have health insurance, and auto and life insurance are also quite common. But only about 1% of Americans have insurance for their pets, and that's why Trupanion (NASDAQ:TRUP) could be such an exciting stock to watch. In thisFool Live video clip,recorded on April 1, Fool.com contributors Brian Feroldi and Matt Frankel, CFP, discuss why this pet insurer deserves a spot on investors' watch lists.

Brian Feroldi: Trupanion. For some reason I think this is in Matt's world because it's an insurance company.

Matt Frankel: It's on pets. I see comments in the chat about my dogs behind me. They're pretty much characters on our show.

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