7 Investor Tools to Fight Misinformation: Look for the Gray Areas

By The Motley Fool8 days ago


On Wall Street, information is power. Investors increase their potential to profit by knowing more than the person on the other side of each transaction. But some unscrupulous folks don't stop at simply gathering better intelligence. They aim to cash in by spreading lies that mislead and misdirect ordinary investors like you -- making themselves rich at your expense. With persistence and a little know-how, you can protect yourself, your friends and family, and your money from making these kinds of costly mistakes.

To be absolutely certain about something, one must know everything or nothing about it.“-- variously attributed to Voltaire, Henry Kissinger, or Olin Miller (whoever he might be).

We've talked about trust working less like a switch that flips between ON and OFF, and more like a set of scales. The world often works the same way. You'll rarely find any situation, stock, person, or debate that's wholly good or bad. So when you encounter anything that tells you, “This is entirely good, and nothing about it can ever be bad,“ or vice versa, raise your skeptic shields.

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