Kroger and Alberstons Stocks Get Downgrade: What You Need To Know

By Phil Hall8 days ago

Two leading grocery chains, Kroger Co (NYSE: KR) and Albertsons Companies Inc. (NYSE: ACI), received downgraded ratings from Goldman Sachs.

A Shifting Landscape: Analyst Kate McShane noted that the grocery retail industry stood out within the past year’s economy “with outsized sales growth as a result of pandemic-related demand.”


But McShane observed that upcoming months might not be as favorable to this industry.

“As economies reopen and customer demand likely shifts incrementally towards food away from home, we think the promotional environment could become more competitive in grocery throughout the coming year,” she wrote. “That, coupled with potentially rising costs from inflation, results in multiple headwinds that could pressure margins for grocers.”

The Problem With Kroger: McShane downgraded Kroger from Sell to Neutral, with a price target lowered from $37 to $31.

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