Ledger Faces Class-Action Lawsuit for 2020 Data Breach

By Arnab Shome5 days ago


Ledger, a crypto hardware wallet maker, and Shopify, an e-commerce company, are facing a class-action lawsuit in the United States over a massive data breach that happened last year.

First reported byThe Block, law firm Roche Freedman filed a formal complaint against the two companies on April 6 on behalf of two lead plaintiffs.

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A Massive Customer Database Available to Hackers Now

Ledger, which hosts its online shops on Shopify, officially admitted that it suffered a data breach in June which revealed customer emails and their other information like physical addresses and phone numbers. The company, however, clarified that the private keys of Ledger wallet users remained safe.

The situation for the company turned worse when a database containing the leaked customer information surfaced online in December, containing the personal information of a quarter-million Ledger customers.

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