Majority Of Shoppers Would Boycott Brand Over Politics: Report

By Phil Hall2 days ago

The partisan divide which has bifurcated American society is increasingly impacting how consumers shop, according to a new study released by

Angry Consumers: In a nationwide of 1,008 adults, more than 50% of respondents said they were more likely to boycott a brand for political reasons today compared to how they felt one year ago.


Among those polled by, 61% of Democrats said they were likely to boycott over politics compared to 41% of Republicans, while 47% of all respondents said they were more likely to spend money with a brand they align with politically.

Furthermore, 25% of respondents were still sore over last year’s presidential election and would likely boycott a company or brand based on what happened during that campaign.

As for the ongoing pandemic, 46% of Democrats said they would boycott over lenient COVID-19 policies versus 28% of Republicans, although 31% of Republicans would boycott if policies were too strict versus 21% of Democrats.

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