Meet the Meme Manager Bringing the Legacy Web Into NFTs

By CoinDesk5 days ago


Ben Lashes wants to represent your cat. Or he probably would if your feline companion has gone viral on the web like Nyan, Grumpy and Keyboard. For over a decade, Lashes has run a meme management business to help creators print money from the happy accident that is going viral. And, of course, hes getting into NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the latest, buzziest galaxy of the cryptoverse. These unique and digitally signed assets provide a way to make the things that appear online scarce, and therefore valuable. Already topping some $250 million (at last count) in represented value, NFTs could find use for anything from art to mortgages, and event tickets to in-game goods.

NFT technology has found particular use with memes. Beginning with the tokenization and sale of Nyan Cat in late February, a rash of meme creators has looked to monetize their work. An NFT of Overly Attached Girlfriend recently sold for $411,000 while one of Bad Luck Brian brought in $36,000. There have been dozens of others, with many more drops planned.

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It just so happens that most of those creators mentioned are Lashes clients. Thought to be the worlds first meme agent, Lashes has worked with the artists behind some of the internets most recognizable image macros. This includes: Doge, Success Kid, Scumbag Steve, Ermagherd, the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy and others, he said.

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