MicroAcquire's Acquisition of Exitround Sets a New Founder-Friendly Model for Getting Acquired

By MicroAcquire Inc.4 days ago


SAN FRANCISCO, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --Entrepreneurs face thousands of obstacles in their careers. Seed money, growth, staffing - the list is endless. Some prioritize funding, leaving them bound to venture capitalists whose goals clash with theirs. Others struggle just getting off the ground. Even those who thrive struggle to sell when the going is good, with expensive brokers and investment bankers souring their taste of success. Today, MicroAcquire's acquisition of Exitround rewrites this story, helping founders realize their goals from startup to exit.

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MicroAcquire Inc.

MicroAcquire, a startup acquisition marketplace, has already been helping founders exit by providing an anonymous, free platform where buyers and sellers meet.

Founder of Exitround, Jacob Mullins, said, “Exitround aligns perfectly with MicroAcquire to help founders succeed. I couldn't be more excited to see the MicroAcquire team help thousandsof entrepreneurs get acquired.“

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