The Moneyist: I have a First World problem: I earn $500K, and have $1 million in assets. Should I buy a $30K bracelet during a global pandemic?

By Quentin Fottrell9 days ago

Dear Quentin,

I have a mundane First World problem that may or may not warrant your attention. But I read your column, and thought you could help me. Its something that has been troubling me for some time. Should I buy a $30,000 piece of jewelry?


I have a $500,000 stable annual income, no debt, my kids have their private college tuition and retirement fully funded, and I have an additional $1 million in investable assets in various bank and brokerage accounts. My husband and I are in our late 40s, early 50s.

We have always lived a financially disciplined lifestyle. We avoid impulse buys, while spending liberally on things we truly enjoy and care about, including annual multi-week vacations for the family, organic food, home upgrades for our hobbies, and supporting our favorite charities.

“ The good news is, this particular brand of jewelry has been holding its value very well over a long horizon. ”

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