With New Album Forthcoming, Mystic Braves' Julian Ducatenzeiler Reflects on His Roots

By Mystic Braves8 days ago

LOS ANGELES, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --As he prepares to release the fifth Mystic Braves album alongside guitarist Shane Stotsenberg, songwriter Julian Ducatenzeiler is reflecting on the key role that his family played in fostering his successful musical career.

Ducatenzeiler's talents were nurtured by his parents, two musicians who first met in Aruba, where each of them had gigs performing in separate bands. His father played jazz trumpet, while his mother was a singer.


Julian Ducatenzeiler of California indie band Mystic Braves comes from a family forged together by a love of music. As the Braves prepare to release their fifth album, also featuring guitarist Shane Stotsenberg, Ducatenzeiler reflects on the origins of his musical roots..

According to Ducatenzeiler, they hit it off, but when Julian's mother's gig ended, she returned to the United States. The two kept in touch, and when Julian's father invited his mother to return to Aruba and join his band. She accepted the invitation over her mother's objections. There, they fell in love.

The young couple moved back to the U.S. They purchased a van in Miami and drove across the country to California, continuing to play in bands until they had children. Then they decided to switch careers to provide more financial stability for their family, while still offering support and guidance for their children's own artistic expression.

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