OVR: The Eiffel Tower Non-Fungible Token Has Been Sold for 38 ETH

By Bitcoin Com Pr8 days ago


OVR.ai has sold the Eiffel Tower, putting it for sale as Non Fungible Token on OpenSea for about $106.9K USD. In fact, the auction ended a few days ago, reaching a value of 38.6159 ETH.


The Eiffel Tower NFT was a package of 60 OVRLands and it was on sale on Opensea for only a couple of days.

The investor (AKA Camembert) who won the auction of Eiffel Tower is already known in the NFT world, as he’s already bought another famous non fungible token, the one of Cristiano Ronaldo sold by Sorare for $290,000.

Camembert commented the news:

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