PostNet helps businesses grow through high-quality printed materials

By PostNet4 days ago


DENVER, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --PostNet, a global leader in high-quality printing and shipping solutions, wants businesses across the U.S. to understand the power of printed marketing.

In the upcoming quarter, the leading print and shipping franchise brand is launching a campaign to remind business owners about the central role that printed marketing plays in successfully establishing, running, and growing a business. Using the slogan “Big or Small, We Print It All,“ the campaign will emphasize PostNet's ability to provide customers with any printed material a business needs to succeed.

PostNet is helping businesses grow using high-quality printed materials.

“The idea that print is dead couldn't be further from the truth,“ said Ryan Farris, COO and president for PostNet. “Printed marketing is more important to businesses than ever before, and PostNet is there to meet all their needs. As print experts dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, we're here to help our customers succeed.“

Print is still a universal way to catch attention. According to a 2018 survey by Canon, eight in 10 Americans say reading print helps them focus. With Small Business Week quickly approaching, PostNet is focusing on helping small businesses get the most ROI out of printed marketing materials as they recover from the pandemic.

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