Private VC Digital Disrupt Startup Funding Space

By Jeff Patterson4 days ago


What makes a good startup?

How much money can the project make? How unique is the idea? How much media attention the company gets? Founders Andrey Belozerov and Artem Ermolaev of Digital Disrupt, a private venture capital club, argue its something different.

The duo knows theyve stumbled upon something special when they discover a project that meets or creates a strong demand, that calls to some basic human needs.

They cite investment in Tilli, an educational platform that prepares children for school. Belozerov and Ermolaev explain the startup grew 25x in 2020, partially because the project satisfies an important need…the need for education.

Belozerov and Ermolaev are no strangers to the startup world even though Digital Disrupt was founded in 2020 (yes, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic).

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