Prize winner? Welcome to Britain with relaxed visa requirements

By Reuters7 days ago

LONDON, May 5 (Reuters) - Prize winners in the sciences and arts will have their applications to be able to live and work in Britain fast-tracked from Wednesday, the interior ministry said, pressing its post-Brexit pledge to attract only the best and brightest.

Since completing its exit from the European Union, Britain has introduced a new system for work visas based on points which are on a scale depending, among other things, on the type of job offer, qualifications and the ability to speak English.


While the government says its new system is fair in its treatment of migrants from around the world after Britain's departure ended free movement, critics say it is creating a hostile environment that leaves some sectors without workers.

From Wednesday, winners of awards such as the Nobel Prize, Oscars and Golden Globes will be able to live and work more easily under the Global Talent visa route, the interior ministry said in a statement.

That would mean the system would allow applicants who hold a qualifying prize to fast track an endorsement application and instead make a single visa application, it added.

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