Pro-Bitcoin images projected onto BofE building

By Editorial Team7 days ago

An anonymous artist/activist has spent the weekend projecting pro-bitcoin messages onto the walls of the Bank of England and the Houses of Parliament.

On Saturday, Twitter user Dominic Frisby posted a photo showing the Bank of England plastered with a laser projection proclaiming fixes this. The message is surrounded by a red box and has what appears to be the artist's signature in the bottom right-hand corner.


Look what someone projected onto the Bank of England last night.

— Dominic Frisby (@DominicFrisby) May 1, 2021

Fisby later posted a photo showing the same message projected on the Houses of Parliament. The following day, the BofE building was adorned with the words Money printer go brrrrrrrrrrrr . This has been followed up with Printing money is stealing from the poor and Fiat is the bubble Bitcoin is the pin .

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