Real-time air quality data at your fingertips

By Sudhir Chowdhary9 days ago


Ambee is an environmental intelligence company that measures, processes, and analyses hyperlocal air quality data in real time.

Akshay Joshi, CEO and Co-Founder, Ambee

Ambee is an environmental intelligence company that measures, processes, and analyses hyperlocal air quality data in real time. Founded in 2017 by Madhusudhan Anand, Akshay Joshi and Jaideep Singh Bachher, Ambee uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to provide location-specific, real-time environmental data and actionable insights to businesses and consumers to mitigate the effects of various threats from environmental factors, for example, air pollution. Accessible through an app and its website, Ambee has air quality data for over 1 lakh pin codes across 65 countries.

The idea for Ambee came about when co-founder Madhusudhan Anands six-month-old child had a life-threatening breathing issue due to air pollution. In his quest to understand the problem, Madhusudhan started monitoring air quality in and around his residential community. He found that the nearest air quality monitoring station was located 13 km away from his house, and it suggested the air quality was fine. To get a better sense of the air quality in his immediate surroundings, he put together a rudimentary air quality sensor that could notify him in real time of the data about the air quality around his residence. He found that particulate matter (PM2.5) readings near his house were touching dangerous levels of 800 ug/m3. This was the genesis of Ambee.

Cut to present. Ambee uses a multimodal approach to monitor air quality at a street by street level. In addition to government sensor data, proprietary IoT sensors, and open source data, Ambee uses satellite imagery, weather and meteorological data to measure air quality. Ambees proprietary algorithms carefully factor in human activities like garbage burning, vehicular traffic, construction and industrial emissions that play a significant role in pollution and GHG emissions, and other hyperlocal environmental factors.

Every year, over nine million deaths across the world are due to air pollution, says Joshi, CEO and co-founder, Ambee. One of the biggest factors affecting our fight against air pollution is the lack of accurate measurement. Despite the alarming statistics and facts, there is little being done to combat pollution and solve this crisis. There is hardly any reliable data for ordinary citizens to gauge the quality of air in their immediate surroundings. Outside of major cities and metros, there is nearly zero measurement of air quality, he informs.

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