Reef Finance aims to simplify DeFi investing through Baskets protocol

By CointelegraphSam Bourgi5 days ago


Reef Finance, a decentralized finance ecosystem powered by Polkadot, has released a new investment product aimed at helping passive investors gain access to a broader portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Reef Baskets V1 is described as an Ethereum-based framework for deploying collections of DeFi tokens and other crypto assets. It operates in a similar manner to exchange-traded funds, which are popular among traditional investors and institutional managers.

Investors who use Reef Baskets have the opportunity to invest in multiple DeFi token baskets at the same time. Reef Finance describes its Baskets as a quantitative approach to yield farming that reduces an investors decision-making space to just two factors: how much money they are willing to invest and how much risk they are willing to assume.

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