Remote Access Vendor RemotePC adds ZipDrive - a Personal Cloud for Secure Remote File Access and Streaming

By I Drive Inc 7 days ago

LOS ANGELES, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- RemotePC, a remote access service from IDrive Online Backup, has included ZipDrive as a free add-on, enabling users to create their own personal cloud that lets them remotely access, stream, edit, play, and share files from wherever they are.

With ZipDrive installed, users can easily set up a personal cloud with data residing only on their computers, without having to move data to a third-party service. These files can be accessed remotely from anywhere, appearing as is with the entire file-folder structure entirely intact.


ZipDrive is the ideal solution for anybody who has a need for a remote file access or file sharing service, whether they are home users, professionals, or even small businesses. For telecommuters, it's a convenient add-on to RemotePC, allowing them to quickly access any file while on the go.

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