Revolutionizing the crypto-market in India with CryptoBiz exchange

By Anjali Sriniwasan3 days ago


The Indian cryptocurrency industry has been growing rapidly as the economy recovers from battling the ongoing global pandemic.

The crypto-sector in India is showing significant growth with several crypto-exchanges reporting a 10x increase in trading volumes and a substantial increase in new users. With Bitcoin, the worlds largest cryptocurrency, continuing to consolidate higher on the charts, cryptocurrency trading in India has flourished.

The said growth has also fueled a surging boom in Indias native crypto-community. However, while such a community has been around for a while, the fact of the matter is existing players in the industry do not adequately or fully cater to the communitys needs.

Enter, CryptoBiz Exchange, an innovative, new cryptocurrency trading platform with secure infrastructure in place. Led by CEO Rahul Rathod, a veteran of the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere, CryptoBiz offers an institutional-grade trading platform that caters to the needs of not just experienced traders, but also novices whod like to make an entry in the crypto-space.

Source: Cryptobiz Exchange

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