SEBA Bank AG lists digital assets ETPs on SIX Swiss Exchange

By clara.dijkstra3 days ago


SEBA Bank AG lists digital assets ETPs on SIX Swiss Exchange


08/04/2021 - 9:09am

SEBA Bank, a FINMA-licenced Swiss Bank, is listing a suite of digital-assets-based exchange traded products (ETPs) on the SIX Swiss Exchange in partnership with GHCO, a liquidity provider specialising in exchange traded funds, from 9 April 2021.

The ETPs have been designed to provide investors with secure and cost-effective access to digital assets without the typically associated custody and security challenges.

The product suite consists of Bitcoin and Ether Tracker Certificates in USD, as well as the first CHF currency-hedged Bitcoin Tracker in the market. The Tracker Certificate on the SEBAX Crypto Asset Select Index, a leading digital assets market index, is also being listed. SEBAX is a unique combination of professional index methodology and bottom-up research. SEBA Bank's Research unit applies the highest standards and complies with the Swiss Bankers Association research guidelines. Digital assets are selected according to a rigorous process combining quantitative metrics and in-depth qualitative analysis.

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