Space-aged Bordeaux wine offered for private sale by Christie's

By Reuters7 days ago

By Steve Gorman

May 5 (Reuters) - A space-aged bottle of fine French wine, part of a case of Bordeaux that was literally matured in Earth orbit for 14 months, is being put up for private sale by Christie's, and the auction house estimates it may fetch up to $1 million.


The unprecedented offering of the 2000 vintage Petrus, an exclusive, world-class red produced from Merlot grapes in the Pomerol wine-growing region of Bordeaux, was announced in London on Wednesday.

This bottle of Petrus 2000 marks a momentous step in the pursuit of developing and gaining a greater understanding of the maturation of wine, Tim Triptree, international director of the auctioneer's wine and spirits department, said in a statement.

Proceeds will go to the private European rocket company Space Cargo Unlimited, which launched 12 bottles of Petrus 2000 on a voyage to the International Space Station in November 2019, part of a series of experiments in viticulture and microgravity.

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