This Spanish AR NFT Campaign Will Give You Pokmon Go Flashbacks

By Tim Alper10 days ago


If you thought youd read all there was to possibly read about non-fungible tokens (NFTs), think again, because a Spanish platform giving out hundreds of USD worth of crypto to Pokmon Go-style augmented reality (AR) hunters as part of a plan to sell NFTs.

Per La Voz de Galicia, residents of Viga, a city on the northwest coast of Spain, the project is part of a promotional campaign from a firm named OVR, which calls itself an open-source, decentralized augmented reality platform.

To drum up interest in the token, the media outlet reports, the firm has placed NFT treasure chests containing varying amounts of its Ethereum blockchain-based OVR tokens at strategic points of the city. Would-be participants are obliged to make use of a designated app, and must also connect via their social media profiles.

And just as was the case with Pokmon Go around a decade ago, treasure hunters armed with the OVR app on their smartphones can roam around the city in pursuit of the chests.

A local blockchain business leader named Antonino Comesaa was quoted as stating,

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