Stellar Development Foundation releases update on node downtime episode

By Shubham Pandey5 days ago


The Stellar blockchain faced a technical issue recently, one that caused the validator nodes to be unable to process transactions. However, the Stellar Development foundation engineering team was able to revamp the Horizon cluster API and SDF validators. In an effort to clarify any other concerns there may be, the organization has now released a report to provide more information.

As clarified by the blog post, Stellars network remained “online” with support for some validators who were not unaffected by the failure and were able to process transactions on the blockchain without problems. The SDF said,

“() which is just the way a decentralized network is intended to work, and many of those validators continued to publish archives that keep track of ledger history, and that allow the halted nodes to fill in gaps when they need to recover from downtime.”

Although Stellar did release a real-time updated status page, exchanges such as Bitfinex stopped withdrawals with XLM, as reported by its CTO Paolo Ardoino via Twitter. Bitstamp too temporarily halted deposits and withdrawals of XLM, stating,

“We’ve temporarily stopped $XLM deposits and withdrawals due to issues on the StellarOrgnetwork. We are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated.”

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